Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No Thanks!

The Toledo Blade:

Local unions along with Kroger announced Tuesday they will donate $100 gift cards to 130 Toledo teachers for classroom supplies.

The move comes several weeks after Walmart approached Toledo Public Schools with a similar proposition, with the requirement that Toledo Federation of Teachers president Kevin Dalton to publicly endorse Walmart, according to Mr. Dalton.

He refused, referring to Walmart as an “anti-union corporation, one of the largest supporters of underperforming charter schools and supporter of [Senate Bill 5],” according to a message Mr. Dalton wrote on the union’s Web site.....

I would have refused the gift cards from Walmart. Thank you to the unions and Kroger for providing the gift cards to teachers.  We know our friends.

Vote NO on Issue 2.

***** Why does Ohio Secretary of State want to withhold applications for absentee ballots?  Is he afraid that more people will vote?  Is this just another way for Jon Husted to "block the vote" for Democrats?  Something happened last night that might change things----


Cuyahoga County plans to again mail out applications for absentee ballots to all voters -- a victory for local election officials and an important decision in Strongsville.

Cuyahoga County Council voted last night to override opposition from Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted and support County Executive Ed FitzGerald's decision to continue mailing the applications.

"We can't go back to the days of long lines and voter confusion," Cuyahoga County Vice President Sunny Simon said in a news release.  "Our elections board has implemented key reforms -- and they've worked. Our ability to vote is a fundamental right that must come first."

I agree.  We know what Ohio's Republicans can do with voting machines.  People are afraid that the Ohio Republicans will do a rerun of the 2004 election--- lack of voting machines in Democratic precincts, backroom "counting" of ballots, right wing goons showing up to discourage voting, non-working voting machines, etc., etc., etc.  We've seen their ugliness and we don't want to experience it again. 

Should I trust any directive that comes out of the office of the Ohio Secretary of State?  No way.