Monday, August 08, 2011

Keeping An Eye On Them

*  Gov. Rick Perry's "prayer meeting" has drawn a lot questions.   The NJ Ledger has an article, Rick Perry Just Wrote Off the Catholic Vote, that describes some of the anti-Catholic beliefs that some of his speakers hold.

*  There has been a lot of talk about far right extremist, Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, running for U.S. Senate for Ohio.  His name is being thrown around by Republican Ken Blackwell.  However, Republican U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, has already endorsed Josh Mandel, according to The Hill.  Mandel, currently Ohio Treasurer, was in office less than a few weeks before he realized he did not the job and started raising money to run for the Senate.  Mandel, who has been a big supporter of SB 5 and Paul Ryan's budget plan, has some big right wing money supporting his candidacy.

*  The city of Lancaster, Ohio, will probably need to lay off employees.

Lancaster Eagle Gazette:

More than 30 city employees could receive layoff notices next month as Lancaster cuts costs and looks to the November ballot to fill future budget gaps....

.....On Monday, city council voted 8-0 to put on the November ballot a five-year, .25 percent income tax increase for the general fund and a 10-year, 2.9-mill property tax increase to pay for street improvements. John Zekas, R-2nd Ward, was not present Monday night.....

.....Layoffs could include 20 firefighters and six police officers, Smith said. A police clerk, prosecutor, tax clerk, municipal court office assistant and deputy clerk of court also will be laid off.....

While Republican Gov. John Kasich hands out millions of dollars of your money to his corporate buddies to move across town (Bob Evans) and add only 50 jobs (Wendy's), Ohio's first responders are losing their jobs.

*  A news story today on WBNS 10tv showed Republican Rep. Steve Stivers flipping burgers at White Castle today.  I'm not sure exactly what his point was.  Was he promoting minimum wage jobs, or one of his donors?  According to OpenSecrets, those associated with White Castle have contributed $7,850 to the Stivers campaign. 

Where are the jobs Stivers was going to bring back to Ohio's 15th congressional district?