Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Teachers Know the Facts

I am not fond of people that tell me that I don't know anything.  In an effort to go after certain groups within the We Are Ohio coalition, the Ohio Republicans are trying to divide the unions.  At his Twitter account, Jai Chabria, Gov. Kasich's over paid "assistant" and former co-worker from Lehman Brothers, is telling teachers that that they deserve facts.  Really?

I find this insulting.  Why is he targeting teachers?  The teaching profession is predominantly female, and I'm wondering if Chabria, Kasich, and their ilk think that teachers are an easy mark.  Why would teachers want to give up the rights that they enjoy on the job?  We are smarter than that.  We don't need Kasich, Chabria, and the Ohio GOP telling us lies.  Together we stand against SB 5.

Vote NO on Issue 2.