Thursday, August 04, 2011


***   Happy Birthday, President Obama!!!!!   ***

I remember turning 50.  It seems so long ago.......


>>>>  Congratulations to the good people over at Plunderbund for being picked as the best blog in Ohio.  In an article at the Washington Post, Chris Cillizza lists the best of the best for the states. 

I'm glad to see that Plunderbund was recognized for the work that they do.  They know more about what is going on in state politics than any newspaper or media outlet.

****  Even though Ohioans are against Gov. Kasich selling/leasing the Ohio Turnpike, it doesn't mean that he will listen to them.  Here is more opposition to Kasich's Turnpike proposal from PressPublications:

Once again the Lake Township trustees have gone on record opposing a proposal floated by Gov. John Kasich to lease the Ohio Turnpike to a private entity.

The trustees Tuesday unanimously approved a resolution against the leasing of the toll road, saying it could detrimentally affect township businesses in the I-280/turnpike corridor which benefit from the turnpike toll collection system.

The resolution contends a private operator of the turnpike may raise tolls to the point vehicular traffic will seek alternate routes away from the businesses.....