Friday, August 26, 2011

Ohio's Nursing Home Cuts

*  Families with loved ones in nursing homes are going to be hit even harder because of the cuts perpetrated by Gov. John Kasich and the Republicans in the state legislature.  With nursing home care costing in the neighborhood of $5,000 to $7,000 per month, families will need to make some difficult decisions concerning the care of their spouse, child, parent, or grandparent.  Many families have taken care of ill relatives in their homes, but there are other families that may face the harsh realities of home care because state assistance to nursing homes has been cut.  Caring for the elderly can be expensive, exhausting, and complicated.  If you run into a problem, it might be worth it to hire an attorney that specializing in legal issues involving elder car.


.....Kasich has also tangled with the state’s nursing homes, and there isn’t much they can do about the $360 million the Ohio legislature slashed from their Medicaid reimbursement.

That’s on top of an 11 percent decrease in Medicare rates, which goes into effect Oct. 1 and will cut about $406 million in reimbursements for Ohio nursing homes over the next two years.....

.....the impact will hit ordinary Ohioans just as hard if they have an elderly family member who can’t live independently. If sick, elderly people are cared for in their homes, the caregivers will be either paid home care staffers, family members or a combination of the two.....

I still think that caregivers need to organize a protest in front of Kasich's home and the Statehouse to show opposition to these horrible cuts.  It isn't fair to our loved ones and families that Kasich and the GOP have made these cuts in order to provide business incentives to their business buddies.