Friday, April 13, 2012

Compare the Candidates

A post at a manufacturing association in Dayton, Ohio, has left me questioning the content of their statement.  MFRtech has endorsed Republican Josh Mandel.  Even though the website calls Mandel a "champion" in their post, I wonder how much Mandel actually knows about manufacturing since his only knowledge comes from the talking points that have been given to him by his right wing backers.  As a matter of fact, I believe that if Josh Mandel and Sen. Sherrod Brown would be in a debate about manufacturing that Sen. Brown would actually shame Mandel.  Sen. Sherrod Brown has an extensive legislative background in the federal and state level.

Here is a comparison between Sen. Sherrod Brown and Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel as posted at an independent website, Votesmart.

Votesmart page on Sen. Sherrod Brown:

MA, Education, Ohio State University, 1981
MPA, Ohio State University, 1979
BA, Russian Studies, Yale University, 1974

Teacher, Political Science/Government, Ohio State University
Senator, United States Senate, 2007-present
Representative, United States House of Representatives, 1993-2006
Ohio Secretary of State, 1982-1990
Representative, Ohio State House of Representatives, 1975-1982
Member, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
Member, Democratic Steering Committee

Co-Founder, House Food Safety Caucus, 2003-2006
Co-Chair, Congressional Automotive Caucus
Executive Committee, Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans
Co-Chair, Congressional Caucus on Taiwan
Member, Congressional Human Rights Caucus
Member, Congressional Steel Caucus
Member, Great Lakes Task Force
Member, Law Enforcement Caucus
Member, Medical Technology Caucus
Founder, Northeast Ohio Breast and Prostate Cancer Task Force
Member, Older Americans Caucus
Member, Senate Nuclear Waste Cleanup Caucus
Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America

*     *     *     *     *

The following is the Votesmart page on Josh Mandel:
Investment Decisions & Behavioral Finance Program, Harvard University (*see note below)
Graduated, Marine Corps Intelligence School
JD, Case Western Reserve University
BA, Ohio State University

Enlisted, United States Marine Corps Reserve, 2000-2008
Founder, The Groveland Company
Intelligence Specialist, United States Marine Corps, Iraq

Treasurer, State of Ohio, 2010-present
Representative, Ohio State House of Representatives, 2007-present
Member, Lyndhurst City Council, 2003
Member, Alternative Energy Committee
Member, House Insurance Committee
Vice-Chairman, Public Utilities Committee
Member, Financial Institutions, Real Estate and Securities Committee

No caucus information on file.
No organization membership information on file.
Josh Mandel has little, if any, real legislative experience.  While Sen. Sherrod Brown could talk about every city, county, and hamlet of Ohio, the businesses, the people, etc., etc., Josh Mandel's experience is very limited.  
(*Note: That program that Josh Mandel took at Harvard University was a short, few days of a seminar that he took so that he'd know how to do his job as Treasurer. He is not a graduate of Harvard.  Although he did go to law school, he is not a licensed attorney in the state since he has taken the law boards, but has not passed them.)
There is no comparison between these two candidates.  Sherrod Brown is in the Senate, knows how to write legislation, make contacts, work with others, and knows the needs of Ohio's working people and businesses.  
Mandel, on the other hand, has little legislative experience, and has demonstrated his lack of effort and supervisory skills by hiring inexperienced friends/campaign workers for his staff. However, the most troubling part of the Mandel tenure in the Ohio Treasurer's office has been his lack of seriousness he has shown, with frequent absences, and more campaigning on state time than actual work.

And one more thing.......

Josh Mandel has demonstrated his opposition to the rights of women by participating in a march against women's reproductive freedom.  Apparently, Josh Mandel wants to limit what a woman can and cannot do with her own body (see Plain Dealer).

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