Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just your imagination?

* Sen. John McCain told American women that the "war on women" was just their imagination.  Really?

Ohio lawmakers are considering a budget provision like one that caused five of six Planned Parenthood affiliates in Texas to lose funding and, the group says, left poor women without access to preventive health care.

Republicans who control the Legislature amended a fast- moving budget bill last week to put Planned Parenthood at the end of the line to apply for federal dollars that Ohio distributes for contraceptives and other family-planning services......


Currently, federal funds--Medicaid, for example--may pay for abortions resulting from rape or incest. This week, however, House Republicans introduced their latest piece of legislation: the "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act." According to Mother Jones's Nick Baumann, Republicans want to say federal funding for abortion is only okay in cases of "forcible rape." Pregnancies resulting from statutory rape, in women who were raped while drugged or extremely intoxicated, in mentally incapable women, or in many of the victims of date rape would not be covered under this narrow definition. Abortion-rights groups have lashed out against the new bill's rape provisions, echoing the common liberal reaction found online today...... 


Former Republican congressman Pete Hoekstra, who is now running to unseat Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.), weighed in on the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act on Thursday, saying the law was a "nuisance" that shouldn't be in place......

Opposing Views:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) repealed Wisconsin’s equal pay law last week, which will make it harder for victims of wage discrimination to sue for lost earnings and back wages.

State Sen. Glenn Grothman (R) led the effort to repeal the law because of his belief that pay discrimination is a myth driven by liberal women’s groups, saying: “Money is more important for men.”

Of course, Mitt Romney said the following (YouTube):

Here is another reminder for those in Ohio......
Ohio Gov. John Kasich and the elected Ohio Republicans went after teachers, firefighters, police officers, and nurses when he pushed for SB5. With a huge majority of the teachers and nurses in Ohio made up of women, Kasich and the GOP tried to push women backward and disenfranchise them.

Sen. McCain says you are just imagining all this. Right.


Leave it to Vice President Joe Biden to give us a great line to sum up President Obama's administration (see USA Today):  
 "....Osama bin Laden is dead, and General Motors is alive...."