Monday, April 30, 2012

Romney-- Just Doesn't Care

** Paul Krugman sums up Mitt Romney's advice to students in the NY Times:

....Let’s start with some advice Mitt Romney gave to college students during an appearance last week. After denouncing President Obama’s “divisiveness,” the candidate told his audience, “Take a shot, go for it, take a risk, get the education, borrow money if you have to from your parents, start a business.” 

The first thing you notice here is, of course, the Romney touch — the distinctive lack of empathy for those who weren’t born into affluent families, who can’t rely on the Bank of Mom and Dad to finance their ambitions. But the rest of the remark is just as bad in its own way. 

I mean, “get the education”? And pay for it how? Tuition at public colleges and universities has soared, in part thanks to sharp reductions in state aid. Mr. Romney isn’t proposing anything that would fix that; he is, however, a strong supporter of the Ryan budget plan, which would drastically cut federal student aid, causing roughly a million students to lose their Pell grants..... 

A "President" Romney (heaven forbid!), operating under the Paul Ryan budget, would create chaos, hardship, and massive unemployment.  Are you willing to risk your future on someone that will enrich his friends and condemn you to poverty?
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* An article at InformationClearingHouse, details the seek and destroy missions that Mitt Romney and Bain used in absorbing companies, paying the executives, and firing the workers.

Here is an excerpt from InformationClearingHouse:

...An example of Romney's cold-blooded approach is his 1994 purchase of Dade International, an Illinois medical-equipment company. He soon merged it with two similar firms, a move that tripled sales.

Once again, he couldn't help but raid the vault, peeling away $100 million for himself and investors at the same time Dade was laying off 1,700 American workers.

After Bain closed a Dade plant in Puerto Rico, human-resources manager Cindy Hewitt was asked to lure a dozen of those employees to work in the company's Miami factory.

But that plant soon closed as well. Although Romney was gobbling up millions, Bain still wanted those laid-off employees to repay their moving costs....

Can you imagine your employer forcing you to repay your moving costs from Puerto Rico to Miami?  What about people that lost homes because they no longer had jobs?