Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Romney was an Adult!

 The Republicans got all excited when they discovered that President Obama admitted that he ate dog as a child while living in Indonesia.  This is the GOP way of countering the Mitt Romney dog on the car roof fact.  Here is the difference between the two events----  

1. President Obama was a child. 
2. Mitt Romney was an adult, husband, and father when he put his family pet on the roof for the family trip that would last hundreds of miles.

* Sarah Palin demonstrates her lack of knowledge in some recent comments she made.

USA Today:

....Palin told Fox News' Greta Van Susteren that the Secret Service agents' inappropriate contact with Colombian prostitutes was "a symptom of a government run amok" and Obama's "poor management skills." Then Palin offered up this bit of nonsense as proof of her contention: "The No. 1 thing that he is responsible for is … violating Article 1, Section 9, Clause 7 of the United States Constitution in not having a budget."

What she's talking about is the section of the Constitution that spells out the responsibility of Congress, not the president, to appropriate money spent by all branches of the federal government. That clause of the Constitution does not mandate creation of a federal budget. It doesn't even use the word "budget."

Failure of Congress
The president is required by the 1921 Budget and Accounting Act to submit a budget to Congress — and that's exactly what Obama has done every year since taking office. That Congress hasn't passed any of his budgets is a failing of both Republican and Democratic legislators on Capitol Hill, not the man who occupies the Oval Office.

Blaming Obama for Congress' failure to pass a budget might be good politics for the former Alaska governor, but it's bad civics.....

Palin obviously doesn't know that much about how the government works.  While Boehner, Cantor, Stivers, and the Tea Party Republicans pass bill, after bill on abortion and restricting women's rights, worthless political statements as resolutions, they've yet to pass the President's  budget.   For almost two years Republicans in the House of Representatives have used their power to make speeches for their right wing base, and yet the Republicans have done nothing for the majority of Americans.  There have been no job creation bills.  The Republicans sit on their fat wallets and collect campaign money from super secret PACs, while they block President Obama's agenda to get people back to work.

= How much have you invested in dressage horses?????

...It takes car elevator wealth to participate in the sport. “It runs thousands of dollars a month to maintain,” Braddick said in the same interview. “They have pretty much everything — a farrier, a chiropractor, a vet, a masseuse for the horses. Just like any professional athlete at that level.”

ABC News reports that, according to Romney’s 2010 tax return, Mitt and Ann have sunk hundreds of thousands of dollars into the sport. The Romneys have a $250,000 to $500,000 stake in a corporation called Rob Rom Enterprises, which owns dressage horses, and incurred more than $77,000 in losses in 2010....

Mitt Romney is just a regular elite millionaire. 

*** Another scandal has rocked the office of Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel!!!!!!!!

Plunderbund has information about the latest scandal associated with Mandel's office:

A few weeks ago DDN’s Laura Bischoff slammed Josh Mandel for hiring a bunch of under-qualified friends to key positions in the treasurer’s office. At least one of those staffers may have violated ohio’s ethics laws, according to a State lawmaker.

One of the staffers mentioned in Bischoff’s article was Joel Riter, a 27 year old kid who got a 2X pay raise when Mandel brought him from the campaign to the treasurer’s office. According to Bischoff, Riter “left the job after six months to join the lobbying firm Cap Square Solutions. At Cap Square he lobbies the executive branch, including the treasurer’s office.”

Riter was also one of the key Mandel staffers who was excluded from Josh’s “transparency” website, his information conveniently left off the list which included names and salaries for all state employees......

Plunderbund has the complaint:   Lundy Ethics Commission Complaint Against Riter