Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In Over His Head????

The evidence is adding up that Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel is in over his head in hiring staff for his office, doing his own job, and even running for U.S. Senate against one of the heroes of Middle Class Americans, Sen. Sherrod Brown.

*  Josh Mandel had to attend a 2-day seminar through to learn how to do his job.
*  Josh Mandel had to send one or more of his staff to a seminar to get the basics of their job.
*  Josh Mandel has nothing to call his own.  Since he has nothing of his own in an agenda, beliefs, goals, or platform, Josh Mandel has tried to accuse Sherrod Brown of all sorts of things. 
*  Since Josh Mandel has no legislative experience (his time in the Ohio House was less than mediocre), Mandel has no real record. His two co-sponsored bills were never passed.

Josh Mandel has voiced support for two controversial bills---- SB 5, and the "heart beat" bill which was sponsored by the anti-reproductive choice groups in the state. In case you are interested, Josh Mandel's channel on You Tube even brags about his support for SB 5 (see YouTube).

Josh Mandel has nothing but the talking points fed to him by his right wing supporters.  Honestly, the corporations and wealthy don't need the tax breaks that are being supported by Josh Mandel.