Sunday, April 15, 2012

Paul Ryan's Budget = Panem????

* After reading the book, The Hunger Games, we recently saw the movie.  Would Paul Ryan's draconian budget make our country resemble Panem?  The rich people in Panem's capital would be like the wealthy Republicans that Rep. Paul Ryan wants to protect with more tax breaks.  Those living in Panem's twelve districts provide a look into a Paul Ryan budget-created society for the rest of us. Would the 99% face life without a safety net, cuts to schools, cuts to college loans and grants, ending of Medicare, cuts to safety programs, end of agricultural support, etc., etc., etc.?

>  Thomas Suddes of the Republican-adoring Columbus Dispatch usually does not agree with any of my political beliefs, but this morning I can say that Suddes hit a home run with this statement in the Dispatch:

....Sherrod Brown’s GOP challenger, State Treasurer Josh Mandel, should consider that bread-and-butter fact — which weighs on countless Ohio households. To date, however, the gist of Mandel’s campaign strategy seems to be blaming Brown for humankind’s every misfortune since Adam bit the apple. What’s next? An accusation that Brown helped sink the Titanic?...

Josh Mandel is a like a broken record with this repeated, wild, unsubstantiated, talking points and other fabrications.  Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.  Mandel has provided little of his own agenda but willingly provides bizarre, unsupported, foundationless claims about Sen. Sherrod Brown. With word that Mandel marched in a 2009 anti-reproductive freedom march in 2009 (see Plain Dealer), it seems that Mandel could face a huge loss of women voters. Of course, Mandel's lack of dedication and attendance to his job as Ohio Treasurer could be another turnoff.  Women generally don't like men who don't fulfill their obligations.