Monday, April 09, 2012

No Honor In Lies

* Republican Josh Mandel is a regular generator of false statements.  Although Josh Mandel rarely speaks about his own goals, agenda, or bills he would propose, he has been coming up with a fast and furious list of false statements about Sen. Sherrod Brown.

Here is the latest statement from Josh Mandel, as reported by Politifact Ohio:

Sherrod Brown opposed blocking a new EPA emissions rule, "despite acknowledging that the EPA's cap-and-trade regulations are ‘burdensome’ and could harm economic growth in Ohio."
-- Josh Mandel senate campaign

Politifact called this statement by Mandel as "Mostly False."  Politifact has given the following verdicts on Josh Mandel's statements:
>   3 "Pants on Fire"  (see list here)
>   2 "False"  (see list here)
>    2 "Mostly False" (see list here)

With his repeated lies, exaggerations, and misleading statements, people see Josh Mandel as untrustworthy.  He apparently is unable and unwilling to speak the truth, has covered up his own cronyism, and refuses to discuss the remedial courses that he and his unqualified buddies have had to take to be able to perform their jobs in the Treasurer's office.