Sunday, April 29, 2012

More on Romney

>>>>>Mitt Romney was involved in a town hall meeting in March. Romney said the following:

Raw Story:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Monday told a high school senior not to expect any help from the government for college tuition unless he joined the military.

At a town hall-style campaign event in Mahoning Valley, Ohio, a student who was hoping to go to college next year asked the candidate what assistance he would provide “with regards to college tuition.” 

Even though Romney and his sons never served in the military, he is giving advice for others to join?
**In a follow-up to Mitt Romney's speech at Otterbein University, it might be worth a second look at what he said.  Romney told students to (see Daily Beast): "...borrow money from your parents..."

Of course, if your parents have tons of money, that works.  However, if your parent is underemployed because Bain Capital destroyed the company or the Republicans refused to fund the rebuilding of roads and bridges, you are out of luck.

In article posted at Otterbein360, the writer offers the following statement:

...What do we really know about Mitt Romney? He seems so tame and naive at times, but what worries me is that he seems genuinely unprepared. He will say almost anything to please a crowd, and his views go from radically decisive to being so vague he might as well be talking about the weather. But enough about the good things — let’s take a look at what makes Mitt Romney the man he is.

.....As for job creation, under Mitt Romney’s leadership, Massachusetts ranked 47th among the 50 states in job creation and had a job growth rate of 0.9 percent, far behind the national average of over 5 percent. Romney has been quoted as saying, “Corporations are people,” a dangerous notion that leads to less taxes for big corporations and heavier taxes for the little guy. About the working class: Romney has a new tax cut set up for them. He wants to cut capital gains taxes for anyone earning $200,000 or less a year.

The issue? Research by shows that around 74 percent of people in this category will not benefit from this because few households in this category even earn capital gains, which is defined as money earned from investments such as real estate, stocks and bonds. It does, however, benefit the wealthy that have access to capital gains. According to the Tax Policy Center, 67 percent of the entire benefit from lower capital gains tax rates goes to millionaires. Seventy-five percent of the benefit goes to the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans. This tax plan costs around $7 trillion and is supposed to have a focus on the middle class, but all the benefits suggest otherwise...

Romney is totally unprepared.  While Barack Obama had experience in the Senate, and his own state legislature, Romney's business "experience" has come at the expense of people losing jobs, and communities being destroyed.

*** Rep. Marcy Kaptur is being challenged by Sarah Palin's buddy, Joe "the Plumber" Wurzelbacher. 

Politifact looked at Wurzelbacher's recent letter that contained charges about President Obama's parents.  Politifact took issue with Wurzelbacher's letter that was posted on the Christian Broadcasting Network website, in which  Wurzelbacher wrote the following:

"Imagine being the child of a mixed-race marriage - especially in the turbulent 60’s and free-wheeling 70’s," his letter said. "And when you throw in that dad was a Muslim and mom an atheist - you know it could not have been easy - and they were communists for crying out loud!"

Here is Politifact's assessment of Wurzelbacher's statement:

...The evidence that Wurzelbacher produced doesn’t back his claim. There does not seem to be any proof that Obama’s mother was a communist. Nor does the 1965 paper authored by Obama’s estranged father verify that he was a communist. And authors of books on Obama say there’s no evidence that Obama’s parents were communists.

We give Wurzelbacher’s incendiary statement a False rating.

I'm just so tired of these lies from Republicans and their continued attacks on President Obama.