Tuesday, April 10, 2012


>>>>  There is an interesting post over at Gawker where Mitt Romney discusses the kinds of horses he owns with Sean Hannity.   Watch the video at Gawker.

**** Josh Mandel is bringing in someone very big to help him raise campaign cash----- Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey will help raise money for Mandel, according to an article in the PlainDealer. Bringing in a bully like Christie says something about Mandel---- he with no experience lets others speak for him.

>>>  In an appearance on the Today Show, Republican Rep. Paul Ryan, the Ayn Rand apostle, said that his budget plan would not hurt poor people.


Rep. Paul Ryan went on The Today Show this morning. The news that most of the press paid attention to is whether he's thinking about getting Mitt Romney's VP nod and his trying to pick a school-yard fight with President Obama. The really remarkable part of his appearance is this:
“Do you acknowledge poor people will suffer under this budget?” [Ann] Curry asked Ryan. “No,” Ryan responded…

Also presented at the same DailyKos diary is the information put out from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (cbpp.org):

budget chart