Friday, April 20, 2012

Romney is Wrong!

Mitt Romney's visit to Ohio was very strange. He went to a plant that closed during the Bush administration, but then said, according to Loansafe, “Had the President’s economic plans worked, it’d be open right now, but it’s still empty and it underscores the failure of this President’s policies with regards to getting the economy going again,” Mr. Romney said in an 18-minute address....

Romney is wrong on many counts.

1. The factory closed because of the housing mess during the Bush administration.

2. The Republican Party has turned down every job creation plan promoted by the President, even one that would have created hundreds of thousands of jobs by fixing our crumbling infrastructure. (John Boehner wouldn't even support legislation that would have created jobs in his own district with bridge repairs!!!!)

3. Romney wants to have more tax cuts, like Bush, for the "job creators" (aka millionaires and billionaires).  The f*#@+ng  "job creators" have had massive tax cuts since Bush gave them, yet the "job creators" have done nothing but sit on their fat rear ends, and count their money. Why do millionaires and billionaires need more tax cuts if they haven't put to use the last tax cut?????