Friday, April 27, 2012

Romney is Oblivious to Your Life

Once again Republican Mitt Romney demonstrated his complete ignorance about lives of Americans, and college students.  In a speech at a private, expensive, small university, Otterbein, Romney told students that they should ".....borrow money from your parents...."

YouTube (Think Progress)

What a genius!  I'm sure that students never thought of that!  With news that the Republicans purposely blocked all of President Obama's job creation bills and moves to improve the economy, many parents don't have an extra $20,000-$30,000/year just sitting on the kitchen table.

Mitt Romney got money from his father, and he thinks everyone else can do the same.  All the 50,000 students at Ohio State can clearly see that Romney is completely clueless about what it takes to pay for college today.  Then again, he probably never had to pay for his own education.

Romney should just stick to things that he knows---- dressage, overseas tax havens, car elevators, multiple mansions, etc.