Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Are Josh Mandel's Visits Tied to Pro-SB 5 Companies and Contributors????

The MorningJournal noted another campaign stop by Ohio roaming Treasurer, Josh Mandel:

...Mandel visited Beckett Corp. in North Ridgeville and praised the third generation family-owned company as a business that embodies “the backbone of Ohio’s economy.”

In case you might not know, the Beckett family apparently contributes to the Republican Party.  Also a Kevin Beckett was a contributor to the pro-SB 5 campaign in Ohio (see page 22 at the StateImpact contributors to pro-SB 5 Building a Better Ohio group).  

Josh Mandel visited Exhibit Concepts last week where he campaigned.  Interesting thing is, the president of Exhibit Concepts, Kelli Glasser, is also listed as a contributor to the
pro-SB 5/Building a Better Ohio (anti-labor) group. (See StateImpact list of the 996 people that donated to Building A Better Ohio.)

(Note:  the list of contributors to the Building a Better Ohio campaign (anti-labor, anti-police, anti-teacher, anti-firefighter, anti-workers' rights) posted at State Impact is arranged by alphabetical order of the first name of the contributor.)

Are Republican Josh Mandel's business visits tied to only pro-SB 5 companies and contributors???  When will we hear about the findings of the FBI investigations involving the Kasich administration, Josh Mandel's campaign, and Jim Renacci's campaign???? Why did Josh Mandel not know that he is the custodian of Ohio's $165 billion pension funds, not just $100 billion, as he stated????


If you are a voter in Ohio, are you troubled by the fact that Josh Mandel doesn't know how much money is in the Ohio pension fund?????