Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What "Vast Experience"?

In reading a post called "ElectMandel" recently, I noticed that that Josh Mandel, Ohio's Treasurer and Republican candidate for Senate, did not provide information on how he would help the unemployed.  If you take that with his tax cuts for job creators, Josh Mandel has no solutions for those unemployed.  His only solutions appear to be to get rid of regulations and stop spending money.  Does Josh Mandel support stopping unemployment insurance because he thinks it is a waste of money? 

The "Elect Mandel" website also has this little bit of information:

.....Mr. Mandel has vast experience dealing with pension funds, banks, investment firms and other financial issues during his time in government....

"...vast experience...."????  Really????  Really?  Eighty-seven days after taking the oath of office as Ohio Treasurer, Josh Mandel started to campaign for the Senate.  He has spent days out of Ohio visiting fundraisers around the country (Hawaii, DC, NYC, Kentucky, Florida, Texas, California, Nevada, etc., etc., etc.) and even left the country to collect campaign money in the Bahamas.

Unfortunately, Josh Mandel is clueless about the amount of money in the state pension plans. Those individuals with money in the state pension plans (STRS, OPERS, OP-F, OHPRS, OHSERS) are already losing any remaining confidence they had in Mandel.


As noted by the reporter, there is $165 billion in the state pensions, not  $100 billion as said by Mandel.

If Josh Mandel actually spent time in Columbus doing his job as Treasurer, he might know the exact figures of the state pension funds.  However, Josh Mandel seems to spend every waking moment working on his next office, traveling, and getting campaign donations.   Mandel's lack of focus on his job as Treasurer appears to be taking a toll.