Monday, May 07, 2012

Mitt Romney: Yawn

Republican Mitt Romney spoke in front of a crowd of approximate 300 people today (see Toledo Blade) in Euclid, Ohio. Seeing as how voters find Romney's campaign as exciting as cement, Romney is going to have to work a lot harder if he wants to turn up enthusiasm among the voters.  With his plans to cut off Planned Parenthood, follow Paul Ryan's plan and give vouchers to current Medicare recipients, give more tax cuts to the wealthy, and increase taxes on the poor and middle class, it is not surprising that people are avoiding Romney. 

Romney's speeches are by invitation only.  President Obama's rallies are open to the public.  Romney made his money by buying companies, loading up on the management fees, firing people, and closing down factories.  Romney's wealth came when he profited off the misery of others.

>>>> Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich won his battle in getting Ohio GOP Chair Kevin DeWine out, and now he is engaged in a battle against Republicans in the Ohio General Assembly (see CincinnatiEnquirer).  Kasich must be going through another one of his tantrums.  No matter what he does, Ohioans have to limit Kasich to one term.  The destruction that is being done to Ohio through fracking cannot be reversed and we can squarely blame Kasich and his buddies.