Friday, May 04, 2012

Word of the Day--"Malleable"

Republicans view Mitt Romney as "malleable," or as the Free Dictionary defines it: "Easily controlled or influenced..."  In other words, special interests within the Republican Party think that Romney can be easily influenced.

This week, we had an example of "Malleable" Mitt Romney. His adviser that was acknowledged as openly gay, was fired or forced to resign because of pressure exerted by  someone associated with Focus on the Family. 

DailyKos linked to this video from RightWingWatchBlog  (YouTube):

Malleable Mitt will face President Barack Obama, the man with a strong sense of determination, as we've seen in his accomplishment of getting Osama bin Laden.  Can you imagine the amount of new jobs we would have had IF the Republicans wouldn't have blocked legislation and passed all of Obama's jobs bills????