Monday, May 14, 2012

Just the Facts

•••••••  The boycott by listeners and advertisers of the Rush Limbaugh program has proven to be a financial disaster. Do you think they got the message or are they too stubborn headed to care?????

Last night, Cumulus Media, a radio company that carries Rush Limbaugh's show on 38 of its stations, announced millions in losses directly attributable to Limbaugh's show.
From Radio Ink (emphasis mine):
Monday evening Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey said the advertiser boycott cost his company "a couple million" dollars in ad revenue in the first quarter and "a couple million" in the second quarter. He said things look like they will be back to normal in June. Cumulus carries Rush Limbaugh 38 markets and blames 1% of the 3.5% drop in revenue for the quarter on the Rush boycott. Dickey said Cumulus was "hit pretty hard by this."
This report certainly undermines protestations from Limbaugh and his crisis manager that everything is fine.....

This proves that when women and groups can organize and fight against discrimination and hatred, it can become an economic disaster.  Women and liberal groups should use this as a lesson to organize against those that want to hurt or hinder our progress!

••••  Does it matter that Mitt Romney was a bully in high school?  It matters to me.

Five high school seniors at an elite prep school stalk, then jump a younger student with a new haircut they think looks too gay. Their 18-year-old ringleader cuts off the offending locks, while the victim screams and begs for help. Decades later, the victim and several participants are still haunted by the attack.

It's not a scene from Bully. It's a revealing episode from Mitt Romney's formative years.

....Here's the simple picture that's emerging: If you're less fortunate or less powerful, Mitt Romney won't think twice about walking over you if you're in his way.....

Isn't the incident of Romney putting his dog in a crate on the roof of his car another sign of his bullying nature?

•  The layoffs continue in Ohio.  Gov. John Kasich can reward his buddies with huge tax incentives and state money, but he doesn't seem to be able to help small businesses.  Check out the latest layoffs at ODJFS (Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services).