Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mitt Romney Wants to Destroy Public Education

Mitt Romney, the product of elite, private schools, has an opinion on class size that will get a lot of parents, teachers, and education scientists shaking their heads in disbelief.

Washington Post:

...During a round-table discussion, teachers and local education leaders rejected some of Romney’s education prescriptions, including his assertion that class size doesn’t matter. Romney also identified two-parent families as one of three keys to educational success, along with good teachers and strong leadership....

....Steven Morris, a music teacher at the school, disputed Romney’s assertion on class size.
“I can’t think of any teacher in the whole time I’ve been teaching, over 10 years — 13 years — who would say that more students would benefit them. And I can’t think of a parent that would say ‘I would like my kid to be in a room with a lot of kids,’” Morris said. “So I’m kind of wondering where this research comes from.”
In response, Romney cited a study by the McKinsey consulting firm, which he said examined education systems in foreign countries and concluded that class size wasn’t a significant issue.....

Mitt Romney is not a teacher and is clearly one of those right wingers that wants to destroy  public education.  How does having 40, 50, 60 children in a classroom serve the needs of children and parents?  Romney and the rest of the Republicans want to turn public schools over to their rich charter school owners who are in business to make money.