Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Here We Go Again.....

•••••  Republican Josh Mandel has been telling falsehoods again!

Politifact has declared that Josh Mandel's latest statement is FALSE!   

Politifact: The Truth-O-Meter says: that Josh Mandel's statement that Sen. Sherrod Brown "cast the deciding vote for a government takeover of health care" is FALSE.

Josh Mandel seems unable to speak the truth.  He has no political record to stand on except  his extreme right wing plans/statements-(short list below)
 • tax cuts for "job creators" in Ohio (see his laughable "Jobs" plan, that is anti-worker rights)
 • his lack of support for the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).
 • his vocal support for SB 5 (Issue 2) with appearances around the state.
  (see Flickr: and below)

(<---- at left, Mandel in Mason, Ohio, pro-SB 5 rally)

 • his vote against HB 176,which sought to add sexual orientation and gender identity to  areas of discrimination.
 • his support of the illegal "heartbeat bill"
 • his lack of support for pay equality
 • his lack of effort on his current job as State Treasurer, and the resulting flub in which he said the state pension funds in the Ohio Treasury were at "$100 billion" instead of the exact amount of "$165 billion"
 • his support of repealing laws for clean air, clean water, and a clean environment
 • his support of charter schools, over public schools, and the obscene amount of contributions that he has received from White Hat Management, the Brennan family, and their employees.  White Hat is the owner of the most charter schools in Ohio. (view White Hat's contributions at Join the Future)

Have you had enough of Josh Mandel's lack of honesty?  I have.