Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Women Must Vote For Those That Support Their Rights

Even though the Republicans continue to deny that there is a war on women, the attacks continue. The GOP cannot dispute the reality of their continued efforts to restrict a woman's access to birth control, family planning clinics, mammograms, yearly pap smears, and access to abortion, even if a woman is a victim or incest or rape.  Shame on the GOP.

Republicans have shown their disdain for the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act with only 2 Republicans voting in favor of the measure (Murkowski and Specter). Today, you heard crickets when the Romney campaign was asked if Romney supported the Fair Pay Act. According to several news reports, the Romney campaign had to check to see where they stood.  Women are still not sure if Romney, if elected, would try to overturn the law.

Women are paid less than men, no matter how Republicans and Fox News tries to deny it.

Media Matters examined some recent Fox News discussions in which the "news"? organization and the talking heads tried to dispute the pay gap.  Media Matters posted a chart obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau:

 [U.S. Census Bureau, September 2011]

 Every woman knows that there is a pay gap.  Just walk into a large discount store, an office, or executive suite, and you'll see that many of the managers are male.  In Ohio, Plunderbund provided statistics that showed that Governor Kasich pays women less in his own office. As Plunderbund states in the headline, John Kasich pays male staffers 56% more than women, Plunderbund shows the numbers:

...Of the 34 people listed as Governor’s office employees, only 4 of the top 17 paid staffers are women (76% are men). And only 4 of the bottom 17 are men (76% are women). The chart below shows the distribution, with women listed in yellow and men in blue.

...If we take the average yearly salaries for men and women, we end up with a 56% difference in favor of men:

Women:   $49,498.52
Men:     $77,730.88

If women really want to protect their rights in the doctor's office and the work place, women must support Democratic candidates for the President, the Senate, the House, and local offices.