Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Little Bizarre?

Republican Josh Mandel's comments about Politifact have some people wondering about Mandel's grasp of reality.  Mandel believes what Politifact has to say about Sen. Sherrod Brown, but calls Politifact wrong for calling some of his own statements as "Pants on Fire."  Politifact Ohio has judged Josh Mandel's statements in the following manner:

Mandel's statements by ruling

Click on the ruling to see all of Mandel's statements for that ruling.

Here are the three "PANTS ON FIRE" designations given to statements by Josh Mandel by Politifact:

  "Make no mistake -- Sherrod Brown is one of the main D.C. politicians responsible for Ohio jobs moving to China."

Politifact:  "PANTS ON FIRE"  Bold? Yes. Accurate? No.

  Sen. Sherrod Brown "has chosen to side with Washington bureaucrats and fringe extremists in the attacks on our natural resources."

Politifact:  "PANTS ON FIRE" Fringe element includes local leaders and a college president

  Says that Sen. Sherrod Brown is "out there egging on a lot of these protesters who are spitting on policemen and going to the bathroom on policemen’s cars at these protests on Wall Street and other places."

Politifact:   "PANTS ON FIRE"   Brown's support was specific: nonviolent protests

That isn't even all of it.  Josh Mandel made some bizarre statements yesterday and the Youngstown Vindicator has them:

...During his talk with local NFIB members, Mandel said he is a “strong supporter of uniforms in schools,” and has “no problem” with not permitting students to talk in hallways between classes. Both are ways to instill discipline in students, said Mandel, a former Marine....

Really?  What other freedoms does Josh Mandel want to take away from students?  Does Mandel have an interest in suppressing student free expression???? 

We know that Josh Mandel has refused to endorse Sen. Sherrod Brown's plan to keep low interest rates for student loans. When will Josh Mandel stand up for Ohio's college students?

>>>>>>   If you are interested in Josh Mandel's 2010 responses to questions from the League of Women Voters of Ohio, follow this link-----> SmartVoterCincinnati Enquirer also has listed the answers that Josh Mandel gave to some of their questions here.