Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mitt Romney Is Wrong on Women

• Mitt Romney's association with Donald Trump makes me sick.  As long as Romney hangs out with Donald Trump, many independent voters will stay away from him.  Mitt Romney is wrong on many issues, especially those that pertain to women.

PPAF on YouTube

There is even more on Romney's view of our country.  He seems to see only white people, as this diary at DailyKos points out:

So Mitt Romney has a sappy new video out called The Promise of America. His basic message: that he will make America better by returning us to the nation we once were. He doesn't explain what that means, but if you look at this collage of every closeup shot in the video, one thing is clear: the America Mitt Romney sees is really, really white....

Check out the image from the Romney campaign and posted at DailyKosIMAGE