Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Republican Perversion

Bubba Carpenter, an elected Republican official in Mississippi, is an idiot. Think Progress has the text and the video, provided by Rachel Maddow. Bubba seems proud that poor women will have to resort to the coat hanger as a self-abortion method.  Read the whole post at Think Progress. (Be sure to read the comments!)

Why do Republicans, especially Republican men, think that they should control what a woman does with her body?  Why are they so interested in controlling vaginas?  Doesn't that seem weird?  Why are Republicans talking about your vagina, your ovaries, and your uterus?  If a strange man walked up to you and asked about your recent pelvic exam, wouldn't you think he was a pervert?  Yet Republicans deny they have a war on women.

>>>> The crazy Republicans in the Ohio Senate are working on a bill to require drug tests for welfare recipients, according to the Dispatch.  I think that we should test the Republicans for drugs and alcohol before they go into a session.  After those fundraising luncheons they attend, how can voters be sure that any of them are even sober?  I hope that this stupid legislation that has been put forth by State Sen. Tim Schaffer, is swatted down as unconstitutional, as it has been done in other states.