Tuesday, July 24, 2012

848,000 Jobs

•  Sen. Sherrod Brown (OH-Democrat) has worked hard to help our veterans and protect our seniors.  Here is a local news story that shows how Sen. Brown plans to continue those efforts.

Sen. Sherrod Brown's support of President Obama's rescue of the American auto plan helped keep 848,000 auto jobs in Ohio.  (Mandel, Kasich, and Romney were against it.) In case you might be interested---- Republican candidate, Josh Mandel supports the Paul Ryan plan that would cripple Social Security and end Medicare.

There is a new group for right wing women that want their paycheck and reproductive rights controlled by Mitt Romney.  There is a group called Women for Mitt on Facebook (with 1,500 Likes).  I'm surprised there are that many women that like Romney.

As for me, I'm supporting President Obama. The Women for Obama Facebook page has 675,000+ Likes).

This just in:
EXCUSE ME!!!!!  Did Romney just call President Barack Obama "corrupt" in front of the VFW????  See the Las Vegas Sun for details.  Are you kidding me????  Shame on Romney!!!!!!!