Monday, July 09, 2012

Open Your Eyes to the Truth

Republican Josh Mandel's less than stellar campaign has Mandel now claiming he'll go against his own GOP bosses, if elected.  Really?  He never did it before when he was in the Ohio General Assembly.


...In his first two-year term, when the GOP controlled the Ohio House, Mandel voted with Republicans 97.2 percent of the time, according to the House clerk’s office. In his second term, when the Democrats were in charge, Mandel joined Republicans on 94.2 percent of the votes....

...Mandel routinely refuses to answer media questions about his positions on pending bills before Congress, making it difficult to gauge how he might vote as a U.S. senator. He did say he would have voted against the $2.1 trillion debt-ceiling deal, and he wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which the Supreme Court recently upheld.....

The biggest punishment Josh Mandel could have would be to not elect him for the Senate and force him to finish his term as Ohio Treasurer, which apparently he hates.

* It appears that Gov. John Kasich is trying to take credit for Ted Strickland's "rainy day" fund.  Plunderbund has all the dirt on Kasich's lies and lack of full disclosure.
In other words, Kasich’s claim of running a surplus is based on a lower Medicaid case load, which is largely due to the fact that the Kasich Administration is covering even fewer eligible Ohioans.  Medicaid is an entitlement program.  Saying Kasich is running a budget surplus when he’s leaving an estimated half a million poor and elderly Ohioans from receiving the Medicaid they’re legally eligible and entitlted to receive is nothing to celebrate.  Kasich’s “surplus” is built on denying poor Ohioans health care that they could not otherwise get… leaving them to either not seek treatment at all or force them to accept ER care which creates an unfunded mandate on hospitals.

* The Christian Science Monitor has an online quiz to check what your political leanings are.  I found out that I'm "...a lefty...."  Wow. I'm so not surprised.