Monday, July 16, 2012

"Most Dangerous"

Ohioans must feel so embarrassed.  Ohio Gov. John Kasich made the list of the "12 Most Dangerous Governors" as described by the CurrentTV website:

...Ohio Gov. John Kasich followed in Scott Walker's footsteps, taking public bargaining rights away from public employees. Voters later repealed the measure. Kasich also made budget cuts that forced towns to cut back on public safety and close fire stations....

No matter how highly John Kasich thinks of his work as governor, the people continue to view his tenure in an unsatisfactory way.

****  In case you might have forgotten, the Teamsters want you to remember this about Josh Mandel:

A letter to the editor of the Lima News asks the following question:

So Josh Mandel won’t be bossed around by anyone. Does that count the people (or person) responsible for the $10.5 million spent so far on his behalf?

Thanks to the Supreme Court we don’t know who it is, but Mandel has already been given the order to be nothing but an obstacle when it comes to solving problems....

It is very obvious that the last people Josh Mandel cares about are the working men and women in Ohio.   A quick search at the FEC should provide some answers.