Saturday, July 28, 2012

Is Ohio still a toss-up?

>>>  Some pollster believe that Ohio should no longer be counted as a toss-up state because President Barack Obama is gaining strength in the polls.  Real Clear Politics:

Ohio: Romney vs. Obama

Polling Data

PollDateSampleObama (D)Romney (R)Spread
RCP Average6/19 - 7/24--47.442.4Obama +5.0
WeAskAmerica*7/24 - 7/241115 LV4840Obama +8
Rasmussen Reports7/18 - 7/18500 LV4745Obama +2
Purple Strategies7/9 - 7/13600 LV4845Obama +3
PPP (D)6/21 - 6/24673 RV4744Obama +3
Quinnipiac6/19 - 6/251237 RV4738Obama +9  

In my humble opinion, Ohio's vote is being influenced by what citizens think of Gov. John Kasich.  Ohioans do not approve of Kasich, and they certainly do not like Mitt Romney.
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* Republican Mitt Romney doesn't want anyone to find out what a total twit he is on foreign policy, so his campaign has banned the press from his big fundraising event in Jerusalem.


..Romney's campaign is barring reporters from a fundraiser at Jerusalem's King David Hotel and not saying why. At U.S. events, Romney's remarks to donors in communal spaces such as hotels are typically public.

President Barack Obama allows reporters to hear his words at fundraisers, though he generally bars them from listening to question-and-answer sessions with those in attendance. The president sometimes allows coverage of his remarks at events in private homes.

Romney traveling press secretary Rick Gorka, asked to comment, simply said, "Closed press, closed press, closed press," as he walked down the aisle of the candidate's campaign plane during the flight from London to Tel Aviv....

From the Jerusalem Post we have more on the Romney visit:

...The media will be limited to a photo-op before their Sunday morning meeting.

Over the past few months, the prime minister has downplayed the perception that emerged following a New York Times article in April that the two men were close friends. The article, which to some read as a warning to readers that Romney was somehow “in Netanyahu’s pocket,” characterized their ties as a “warm relationship, little known to outsiders.”

Netanyahu immediately poured cold water on that depiction and in an April interview with CNN said that after working at the same consulting firm with Romney in Boston 35 years ago he did not meet him again until many years later when he was finance minister and Romney was governor of Massachusetts....

Romney will be busy meeting and greeting people at his fundraiser that has minimum contribution of $50,000.