Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Romneys Not Paying Fair Share

It is apparent that Mitch Romney doesn't really want to invest in the future of our country.  Apparently, the Romneys have taken investments out of our country and invested them in other countries.  Why? Do they believe that those countries are more stable? Are they trying to avoid paying their "fair share" of taxes?

The taxes we pay to the federal government support our military, our roads, our infrastructure, public education, and every aspect of our government services.  By not paying their fair share they are not supporting our military and all our government services. 

Here are a few of the countries that Mitt Romney has placed his investments (graphic from

Mitt Romney's Offshore Money

Holy cow!   Zero percent tax rate????? OMG! 
This explains why Mitt Romney said, "Let Detroit go bankrupt."  He had not invested money, his efforts, or his heart in saving American jobs.

* Have you told your children not to do anything that could come back and embarrass them in the future?  Apparently, Republican Josh Mandel didn't listen to those suggestions, as this picture, posted at Huffington Post reveals:  The picture is part of an article at HuffPost.