Friday, July 06, 2012

Jobs in Ohio

>>>  Have you heard about Mitt Romney's jobs plan.  Ezra Klein has details in the Washington Post:

...It’s true that Mitt Romney has a jobs plan, and that it includes 59 bullet points. But it’s not true that Obama hasn’t released anything similarly detailed. He’s released the American Jobs Act, which has 41 bullet points on its fact sheet. So Romney has a slight advantage in bullet points. But Obama’s plan has actually been written up as a 423-page piece of legislation, making it considerably more specific than anything Romney has put forward....

....In his news conference, Romney emphasized four ideas in his plan: expanding domestic energy production, working out trade agreements with Latin America, cracking down on China and cutting the corporate tax rate. These are all reasonable ideas. But working out trade agreements takes a long time. Getting the Keystone oil pipeline up and running takes a long time. Rewriting and implementing a new corporate tax code takes a long time.  Changing China’s policies takes a long time. It’s difficult to see how any of these ideas creates a substantial number of jobs quickly....

.....Obama has a plan for creating jobs now. Romney has a plan for changing the regulatory, budgetary and tax environment in which jobs are created later.

Romney's plan is the same old more tax cuts for the rich, cut regulations, blah, blah, blah,.....

***  Job hunters in Ohio should take a look at the large number of openings in the Columbus metropolitan area:

Kroger has numerous listings for various skills.

GM has openings in Lucas and Defiance Counties, and in the city of Lordstown.

Penn National Gaming -- Columbus has 7 pages of openings.

Mt. Carmel Health Systems in central Ohio has about 200 openings for case managers, nurses, coding specialists, support staff, etc.

You might want to view Honda of America's opportunities.

Whole Foods has openings in several locations in Ohio.

A recent story at 10tv in Columbus, indicated that the Kroger Distribution Center in Delaware, Ohio, has lots of openings.


Kroger Distribution Center
Delaware, Ohio
Now Hiring Order Selectors
  • starting pay $11.50/hr
  • pay increases every 6 months
  • up to $21.72/hr
  • bonus potential up to $5,000
  • earn up to an additional $5.25/hr
  • Productivity bonus

  • Full-time hours - paid vacations - medical, dental & prescription benefits - life insurance - 401(k) - employee stock purchase plan - discounts on Kroger brand products

    Background check & drug screen

    Apply online @, or at the main facility, located at 2000 Nutter Farms Lane, Delaware, Ohio 43015