Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hiding Something, Willard?

* Some people say Mitt Romney knows how to create jobs. I question that idea.  Mitt Romney was able to create jobs overseas when Bain took over companies, closed plants, fired workers, and then set up the factories out of the U.S. 

Romney's record as governor of Massachusetts was terrible.  Job creation in Massachusetts under Gov. Romney placed the state 47th out of 50 states.  There is more. A piece by CBS Boston takes issues with Romney's business practices:

W. Mitt Romney has a penchant for duplicity and secrecy. Romney has no interest in revealing what he did while he held the public’s trust, both as head of the Olympics and as Governor of Massachusetts.

Now, as he campaigns for the highest office in the land, he runs a campaign of secret plans funded by secret bundlers....

....One of the few management details that is known is that that Romney tried to steer Olympic business from Office Depot to Staples, a company he sat on the board of while running the Games. Perhaps there are more links between Romney’s finances, Bain and the Olympics....

 Hiding something, Willard?