Friday, July 20, 2012


* The shooting in a Colorado movie theater is so awful.  Our hearts go out to the friends and families of the victims.

>>>  The list of special interest groups supporting Josh Mandel is getting longer, and the out of state PACs make you wonder why they'd support someone like Mandel.  Has he made them any promises? I'm just asking.

The following information concerning campaign contributions to the campaign of Republican Josh Mandel is from the FEC (Federal Elections Commission):

Club for Growth, Washington, D.C.-- Total $14,643 (from 6/11-11/11)
Senate Conservatives Fund (of Alexandria, VA)- Total $89,000+ (from 6/29/11-5/31/12)
Citizens for Josh Mandel, also received $10,000 from the Senate Conservatives Fund, Alexandria, VA.

If you'd like to see which outside groups are propping up Josh Mandel, check the following links:
Josh Mandel, candidate at FEC

Citizens for Josh Mandel at FEC

Josh Mandel also seems to be the darling of the PACs of oil companies, banks, payday lenders, Halliburton, insurance companies, coal companies, the Maverick PAC of Texas, etc.  Why would these outside groups support a candidate with poor attendance in his current job as Ohio Treasurer and very light legislative experience?