Thursday, July 26, 2012

Romney is Inept and Embarrassing

***  Mitt Romney just started his "tour" overseas and he has already managed to insult the British people, the British government, and the Olympic organizers.  Romney continues to show that he just doesn't have that certain diplomacy that it takes when you visit another country as a guest. Not only has Romney demonstrated his clumsiness in talking with  regular human beings (Do you remember the cookie disaster in Pittsburgh?), now we see that he just doesn't know how to act when meeting dignitaries.  Romney looks like a buffoon!


Mitt Romney, in his first trip abroad as the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, is trying to walk back comments he made questioning London's Olympics preparation -- comments that have drawn a sharp response from Prime Minister David Cameron.

The dustup began Wednesday, as Romney, who ran the 2002 Salt Lake City games, said there were "disconcerting" signs in the days before this year's games....

...In another faux pas, Romney announced his meeting with MI6, the U.K. Secret Intelligence Service whose existence was only acknowledged by the British government in 1994....

We should all hope that Romney's clumsiness goes away, but considering his advisors are leftovers from the administration of George W. Bush, we'll probably see more of these awkward Romney moments.