Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lowest Taxes in 30 Years Under Obama!

••••> Talking Points Memo:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has enough votes to pass President Obama’s plan to extend the Bush tax cuts for everyone’s first $250,000 in income, according to his office … if Republicans agree not to filibuster it....

What will the Republicans do? 

> According to the Congressional Budget Office, taxes are at a 30 year low under President Obama.


Hilary Shelton of is telling that Mitt Romney brought in his own audience to NAACP speech today... 

That must be how Romney claimed to have secret Black supporters (see TPM). He flew them in to attend his speech but they were not part of the NAACP convention.  I guess we'll see the names of the secret Black supporters that Romney has right after he releases information about his secret money in tax havens.

In case you are interested, there is more about Romney bringing in his own African-American supporters to the NAACP convention here.