Sunday, July 29, 2012

Forget "Twit"- Romney is a "Wimp"

*  You might not have seen this week's cover story from Newsweek-
Romney- The Wimp Factor

Following Mitt Romney disastrous visit to London, here part of the cover story from  Newsweek:

..Mitt Romney managed to alienate just about every living Briton. He didn’t merely criticize the organizers or bureaucrats—he questioned the people of Britain themselves: “Do [the people] come together and celebrate the Olympic moment?” He wasn’t sure. The Sun even went so far as to dub him “Mitt the Twit.”

It was an astonishing faux pas—one of many packed into his brief visit. And it makes one wonder: if elected, Romney is going to have to work hand-in-glove with Prime Minister David Cameron and other world leaders on the ongoing global financial crisis and other issues. What unintended offenses are going to tumble out of his mouth then, when he’s representing our nation on the world stage?
The episode highlights what’s really wrong with Romney. He’s kind of lame, and he’s really ... annoying. He keeps saying these ... things, these incredibly off-key things. Then he apologizes immediately—with all the sincerity of a hostage. Or maybe he doesn’t: sometimes he whines about the subsequent attacks on him. But the one thing he never does? Man up, double down, take his lumps.....

Since some people do consider Romney a "wimp" this might explain why he has so easily fallen in line with many of the same people associated with the administration of George W. Bush.  Romney's staff on foreign policy and defense include many neo-cons.  The same neo-cons that pushed us into war with Iraq. He seems unable and unwilling to stand up to them with his own set of beliefs.