Saturday, July 21, 2012

Five! 5!


No matter how you say the number, it is still incredible! This may go down in the annals of history! Here is the astounding news------

Republican Josh Mandel has just received his fifth designation of "PANTS ON FIRE" from Politifact Ohio.  You are probably asking yourself how that could even be possible!!!!!!

Here are the cold hard facts from  Politifact Ohio:
All Pants on Fire! statements involving Josh Mandel

   1. The Affordable Care Act "will likely go down as the biggest tax increase in history." 

   2.  Sherrod Brown "gave huge bonuses to executives." 

   3.  "Make no mistake -- Sherrod Brown is one of the main D.C. politicians responsible for Ohio jobs moving to China." 

    For Josh Mandel's "Pants On Fire" statements #4 & #5, visit this Politifact Ohio link.

I would be remiss in not pointing out that Josh Mandel has had a history of problems with his statements.  Politifact Ohio also has its rulings on Josh Mandel's other statements including 3 False  and 2 Mostly False.

Where is Josh Mandel's integrity, honesty, ethics, and just plain common sense?  How can he be trusted when he doesn't even show up for his job as Ohio Treasurer?  How can we have faith in someone like Mandel when he has abandoned his job as Treasurer to seek fame and campaign contributions from special interest groups in Hawaii, Texas, Illinois, Utah, Florida, New York, Kentucky, Washington, DC, and the Bahamas?

I'll be voting for Sen. Sherrod Brown.  I might be just a grandmother from central  Ohio, but I can honestly say that Sen. Sherrod Brown has worked for all the people.  

Sen. Sherrod Brown 
  • has demonstrated his support for the working men and women in Ohio. He opposed the Ohio Republicans and Gov. John Kasich's legislation known as SB 5/Issue 2.  Sen. Sherrod Brown stood with Ohio's police, fire fighters, nurses, teachers, and state workers to oppose the GOP plan that would have denied workers' rights. 
  • has worked to help our veterans find jobs and has been of great assistance to our veterans and their families.
  • has continued to push for more job creation, even when facing the Republican obstructionists in the Senate. 
  • supports the rights of women for pay equity and our rights to our own reproductive choice. 
  • has worked tirelessly to keep low interest rates on college loans. 
  • supported President Obama's plan to help American automakers survive. 
We need to keep Sen. Sherrod Brown as our U.S. Senator because he has shown us time and time again that he is for us-- the men, women, children, the elderly, the poor, college students, and everyone that calls Ohio home.