Thursday, July 19, 2012

Women Voters Will Make the Difference

* It appears that women voters are holding strong for President Obama in many recent polls.  Could it be that women are just tired of the Republicans and Mitt Romney being overly concerned with their female reproductive parts and the GOP's anti-pay equity for women?

A new Quinnipiac Poll demonstrates the firm resolve of women voters in New Jersey in their support of President Obama and Sen. Robert Menendez. Quinnipiac finds that 53% of New Jersey women voters support President Obama, and 52% of women voters support Sen. Menendez.


...New Jersey voters give President Barack Obama a 49 - 38 percent lead over Mitt Romney. Democrats back Obama 89 - 3 percent while Romney leads 86 - 7 percent among Republicans. Independent voters tip to Obama 43 - 39 percent. Men split 44 - 43 percent while women back Obama 53 - 33 percent.....

We must be certain that women exercise their right to vote.

> A recent rally in Philadelphia, featured Alicia Keys, Valerie Jarrett, and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz as speakers.  Politicspa:

...The speakers outlined what they believe women could lose if Romney was elected: fair pay (Romney has not yet commented on Obama’s first law, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act), birth control options (available under the Affordable Care Act which Romney has vowed to repeal) and affordable education (available via Obama’s student loan reforms.)...

...According to the Philly Clout, women backed Obama 51-36 in a June 12 Quinnipiac University Poll of registered Pennsylvania voters while men backed Romney 44-40 percent.

Women need to show their strength at the polls.